Meet Ben

I am a soul-centered career and life transitions coach helping my clients find deeper meaning and spiritual fulfillment in work and life. As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained by Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in the transformational Core Energy Coaching™️ process, as well as iPEC’s proprietary Energy Leadership Index™️ assessment, my methodology recognizes the interplay within us of seven levels of energy. Once recognized, these energy levels can be harnessed to raise your consciousness in order to move past inner and outer blocks, identify and achieve your goals, and open up hitherto unseen possibilities.

My practice is informed by C. G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology and, in particular, his concept of individuation: the transformative journey of the individual, typically commencing in mid-life, towards psychic wholeness. By applying an archetypal lens to our work together, we’ll recognize the important role played by the inner world / unconscious in regulating your psychic health. Together we’ll explore career and other life transitions as paths to the soul.

My Story

After 12-years working within law firm business development teams, I felt stressed out and overly identified with my work persona.

I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and occassional bouts of depression — out of balance at work and in practically every aspect of my life. What’s more, I was in search of something elusive that I struggled to define. I changed law firms and took on a larger role with more responsibility, assuming this would be the route to finding whatever “it” was I was searching for. Unsurprisingly, rather than alleviate my symptoms, my anxiety only increased to such a point that I saw no way out other than to quit two-months in. I’d never quit anything before so, of course, I experienced this as a huge personal failure and loss. 

In my weekly psychoanalytic sessions with a Jungian clinician I reflected on what had happened to me. Over time I began to recognize I’d been in the grips of what Jung terms, a “complex:” a buildup of thoughts and emotions — of psychic energy — around a common theme. I’d failed to acknowledge the complex, so the unconscious had taken over, and was in the driving seat, so to be speak. Moreover, as a consequence of living more in accordance with the demands of the outer world than my inner world, I’d become too one-sided and had sacrificed a sacred aspect of myself, which was calling out from the depths of my being, demanding to be acknowledged.

From that point on, I committed to live, as much as practically possible, a more soulful existence in work and life. While I still had to pay the bills, I wondered whether I could find a way to do something more meaningful with my career. In search of vocation, I began working with a career coach. While coaching was different from psychoanalysis, I found it complementary and early on I began to see results. In my coaching sessions, I had the revelation that I wanted to help people going through career and life transitions, experiences similar to my own.

I decided to enroll in a coach training program at the world-renowned iPEC. As a trained Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), I have the tools and techniques to enable people go from functional to optimal. As a soul-centered career and life transitions coach, I apply an archetypal lens to my coaching practice, recognizing that we’re all on our own unique and individual journey through life towards individuation, and that career and other life transitions oftentimes are pathways to the soul. I help my clients find deeper meaning and spiritual fulfillment in work and life. 

It’s with humility, compassion and joy that I offer you my coaching services.

iPEC Certified Professional Coach
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