Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained by Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in the transformational Core Energy Coaching™️ process, as well as iPEC’s proprietary Energy Leadership Index™️ assessment (ELI), my methodology recognizes the interplay within us all, of seven levels of energy. Once recognized, these energy levels can be harnessed to raise your consciousness in order to move past inner and outer blocks, identify and achieve your goals, and open up in you hitherto unseen possibilities.

My practice is informed by Jungian and archetypal psychology and, in particular, C. G. Jung’s concept of the individuation process: the transformative journey of the individual, typically commencing in mid-life, towards psychic wholeness. By applying an archetypal lens to our work together, we’ll also recognize your latent potentiality, what James Hillman describes as the “acorn” within, so that a career change or life transition is viewed as a pathway to the soul. 

Coaching Packages


Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and a 2-hour Debrief session

This 2-hour debrief allows us the time to review and discuss the results of your ELI assessment — the cost of taking the assessment is included in the package — in a single coaching session. The report reveals the specific filters you’ve developed when viewing the world, and together we’ll examine how these filters might be influencing your work and life in the present day. We’ll look at how you show up in the world, both under normal circumstances and under stress, and identify those areas where your energy levels can be raised in order to help move you past inner and outer blocks, achieve your goals, and experience sustainable results going forward.

Soulful Professional

ELI assessment and a 2-hour debrief followed by 9 1-hour career coaching sessions

We begin with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment + 2-hour Debrief, and then enter into a coaching relationship over 9 sessions. We’ll work to raise your energy levels, shift your perceptions and live a more conscious and meaningful existence at work and in life. 

How it works



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1-hour complimentary coaching session for qualified prospective clients


Choose package, sign Coaching Agreement, payment and onboarding


Coaching session/s begin virtually by video conference or by phone

Benjamin Field Coaching Services

I believe that your journey is unique and valuable.

My role as coach is to help you realize your untapped resources — your “higher coach” — and recognize the potential that resides within you. I provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself, and exploring complex thoughts, feelings and emotions. We’ll look at your energy levels, recognize and move past any inner or outer blocks that might be holding you back from achieving your fullest potential and / or living authentically. We’ll connect your inner meaning and passion with outer directed goals. As your coach partner, I’m your biggest advocate and will hold you accountable to keeping your commitments. And because my coaching is informed by depth psychology and, in particular, archetypal psychology, we’ll also apply what Hillman terms, an imaginal perspective to any figures or landscapes that rise up from within — whether in waking life, dreams or through active imagination — which might provide precious wisdom or helpful guidance for you on life’s journey.

What has brought you here?

Are you feeling stressed, out of balance, or dissatisfied?

Do you wonder if there’s a way to make a living and feel passionate and purposeful at the same time?

Do you long for meaning in what you do?

Now is the time and you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to hear more about your career and life journey

5 quick tips for work-life harmony

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