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Soul-centered coaching for high achievers transitioning to do the great work of their life

Hi, I’m Ben

a soul-centered Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

I trained at Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the top coach training schools in the world. I’m called to powerfully serve professionals and organizations in transition, helping bring more soul into life, work and the world. As someone who has reinvented his career—from lawyer to business developer, recruiter to coach—and moved across continents, I understand better than most how disorienting and daunting big transitions can be. How empty it can feel to work in a job or workplace you feel is misaligned with who you truly are; how devoid of soul. But I also know how transformative it is to have the dedicated support of a professional coach committed to helping you navigate the twists and turns of transition. I invested in my own coach so I know firsthand what a game changer this is and I want to bring this gift to you.

My role as coach is to help you realize your untapped resources—your “higher coach”—and recognize the potential that resides within. I provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself, and exploring complex thoughts, feelings and emotions. We’ll look at your energy levels, recognize and move past any inner or outer blocks that might be holding you back from achieving your fullest potential. We’ll connect your inner meaning and passion with outer directed goals. As your coach partner, I’m your biggest advocate and will hold you accountable to keeping your commitments. And because my coaching is informed by depth psychology, we’ll also apply what James Hillman calls, an archetypal perspective to help you make meaning out of events and engage in soul-making.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

C. G. Jung

A Soul-Centered Coach for Professionals & Organizations in Transition

Soul-centered coach for professionals and organizations

As a soul-centered or “depth” coach, I help my clients to perceive the golden threads running through their life and work, which transform events into meaningful experiences and yield deep insights into the question of vocation.

I powerfully serve my clients as they navigate the serpentine path of transition helping raise their energy levels to consciously engage in the active process of reinvention, exploring and experimenting with new possible “identities” until something crystallizes to form the bedrock of a new personality. Along the way, I bring unconventional strategies to disrupt my clients’ thinking and challenge them in ways they’ve never before experienced. All in service of deep, sustainable transformation.

We’ll also work archetypally with images and incorporate the wisdom coming up from Psyche. By applying an archetypal lens to your transition, I’ll help you to perceive these moments as meaningful opportunities for self-transformation on your lifelong journey towards psychic wholeness, what Jung calls the “individuation process.”


Core Energy Coaching™ + Soul-Centered Psychology

Career & Life Transitions Depth Coaching

As someone who has reinvented his career—from lawyer to business developer, recruiter to coach—I understand how messy, scary and disorienting a career reinvention or big life transition can be. I’m here to tell you that the path isn’t linear, but full of twists and turns. It’s in the experimentation and perceived failures that the gold exists.

Executive & Organizational Leadership Depth Coaching

After 13-years in Biglaw at several of the world’s leading global law firms, first as a trusted advisor to attorneys helping them to deepen client relationships and develop and win new business; then as a recruiter helping senior business leaders hire, develop and retain the professionals who enable these firms to thrive and prosper year after year, I know what it takes to coach leaders to raise their energy levels, move past inner and outer blocks, and achieve their personal and business goals. I’m also acutely aware of the absence of soul in our individual careers and workplaces, and how sorely needed a psychological perspective is in these times of social, political and climate crisis. My organizational coaching helps organizations to flourish as healthy, vibrant ecosystems that foster and deepen relations between people, teams and communities, thereby bringing more soul into the world.

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I’d love to connect to hear more about your journey. Together we can explore what’s involved in a coaching relationship, and see how I can support you to live and work with more depth.