Meet Ben

As a soul-centered career and life transitions coach, and lifelong student of depth psychology, my calling is to help professionals find meaning and purpose in their work and life…

I was born and raised in North London, and I now live and work in Los Angeles. As a boy, I fantasized about living in the U.S., so when I ended up marrying an American and emigrating to the States, I experienced firsthand the power of manifestation.

I’ve always been fascinated by myth and storytelling. Tales of heroes with dual identities, latent talents and potential captivated me. If I look back, I’ve always felt myself to be inhabited by two personalities: Personality No. 1 (P1), the studious, ambitious, meticulous individual, preoccupied with the pursuit of knowledge, success and acclaim, but afraid to take risk, fail, or truly be seen. Ruled by a fear of not being “good enough.” This person lives mainly in his mind and is spiritually inclined. And Personality No. 2 (P2), a more earthy, creative, fearless Other who’s in the arena of life, getting messy in connection with his purpose. This being inhabits his body, acts from his heart and is in service of soul.

My first 27-years were lived mostly in accordance with the demands of P1: after undergrad, I secretly wanted to teach English literature to high schoolers, but was too afraid that it wouldn’t afford me the kind of affluent lifestyle I thought I’d need to be “happy.” Instead, I ignored the demands of my soul and focused instead on the ego’s demands to build my persona, or “working identity” as a corporate lawyer. Then, a numinous encounter with what I later came to recognize as a “Kundalini awakening,” began a process of self-transformation. Disoriented and, frankly, lucky to be alive—spontaneous Kundalini awakenings can be dangerous and, to the uninitiated, sometimes lead to psychosis, sickness, or worse—I sought the counsel of the only person I knew who might have answers: my paternal grandfather, Nathan. Grandpa Nat was a psychoanalyst and fellow “seeker,” who’d gone through something similar in early adulthood. He directed me to literature on spiritual awakenings, including the depth psychological writings of C. G. Jung.

Reading Jung opened up a whole new intellectual, spiritual and soulful dimension to my life. I’ve spent the last 15-years attempting to assimilate those learnings. I am constantly balancing the competing demands of P1 and P2—holding the tension of the opposites—only to discover that I’m a multiplicity with more identities inhabiting my depths. Along the way, I’ve sat a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat; kept a daily mindfulness practice; emerged as a New Warrior reborn to my manhood through the training and rites of passage facilitated by my brothers at The Mankind Project®; been an analysand over a decade’s long Jungian analysis; and engaged in my own imaginal practices by dialoguing with Psyche through dream and active imagination, and paying close attention to her wisdom.

Career and life transitions coach

The multiplicity that inhabits “me” has also played out synchronously in my lived life experiences: I’ve reinvented my career twice—from lawyer to business developer, and from recruiter to coach—and naturalized as a US Citizen to hold two nationalities.

As I tell my story, I’m resisting the urge to pen this linearly with one event casually leading to the next. It hasn’t happened that way. Along the serpentine path, I’ve enrolled in graduate school for depth psychology only to drop out two semesters later when I couldn’t balance the competing demands of studying and working a full-time corporate job. I’ve taken roles intended to be placeholders to afford me space to experiment with careers and test possible working identities that seemed more aligned with my vocation. Only to allow those placeholders to occupy far too much mental space. And, after denying the daimon’s call one too many times, I recently was stopped dead in my tracks: Grandpa Nat passed away at 99 and I was simultaneously laid off. But the daimon had visited me countless times earlier : in the form of debilitating panic attacks—symptoms which broke open my heart and brought me back into my body able to directly touch my emotional core—and moments of intense creativity that arose spontaneously and found creative expression in writing poetry and memoir. These were the moments in which I was engaged in what James Hillman calls “soul-making:” staying close to those things you love to do in service of soul.

Over the last decade, in search of a vocation, I’ve experimented with one identity that feels much more vocational: the helper. I’ve transformed into the person I most need in my life: a soul-centered coach. I want to help midcareer professionals in transition, like me, find meaning and purpose in their work and life. And so I’ve trained and certified as a professional coach and launched Individuation Coaching. As an Energy Leadership coach, I have the tools and techniques to enable people to harness energy levels, raise ego-consciousness and go from functional to optimal. As a soul-centered coach, I bring a depth perspective to the coaching work, helping my clients dialogue with their inner world and access Psyche’s wisdom.

As a lifelong learner, I continue to invest in my education by deepening my coaching practice with training and certifications in Jungian, Archetypal and Transpersonal psychologies, as well as ancient wisdom traditions.

My path is serpentine, not linear. My journey is a life’s work of service — my Opus continues.

I invite you to have a powerful conversation.

A life-changing experience is my gift to you.