Career & Life Transitions Depth Coaching

As a coach to professionals in transition, I help my clients to perceive the golden threads running through their lives which transform events into meaningful experiences and yield deep insights into the question of vocation.

I powerfully serve my clients as they navigate the serpentine path of transition helping raise their energy levels to consciously engage in the active process of reinvention, exploring and experimenting with new possible “working identities” until something crystallizes to form the bedrock of a new career.

Along the way, I bring unconventional strategies to disrupt my clients’ thinking and challenge them in ways they’ve never before experienced. All in service of deep, sustainable transformation.

I coach individuals and groups to bring more soul to:

  • Career transition
  • Retirement and reinvention
  • Professional development and promotion
  • Launching a business
  • Moving countries
  • Separation & divorce
  • Bereavement
  • Spiritual awakening

My career and life transitions clients are motivated to, among others:

  • Find meaning and purpose in their work & life
  • Strategize and explore new possible working identities
  • Find their true calling, or “vocation”
  • Reinvent their career
  • Pursue an “encore career” in retirement
  • Working more soulfully
  • Achieve work-life balance / integration
  • Develop professionally
  • Achieve promotion
  • Decide on career options
  • Navigate a major life transition
  • Navigate a spiritual crisis

Executive & Organizational Leadership Depth Coaching

At a time of unprecedented change and shifting paradigms in the working world wrought by the aftereffects of Covid-19 global pandemic, we’ve glimpsed the future of work: the workplace is no longer a fixed “place,” but a space and an experience.

The standard hours that make up the working day are now “flexible” or “flex-hybrid.” Technology and AI are revolutionizing the way we perform our work. And money and title are being deprioritized over flexibility, work-life integration, professional development, culture and belonging.

Intergenerational differences have never been more pronounced with the new phenomena of “job-hopping,” “quiet-quitting” and “boomeranging,” to name but a few.

Today’s leaders are required to have EQ, gravitas, social capital and compassion in equal measure. We’re also witnessing an absence of soul in the world of work as top and bottom lines remain the sole indicators of success.

As humanity and technology intersect in new and exciting, yet uncertain ways, what’s sorely needed is a psychological perspective to ensure that individuals and organizations aren’t just hollow beings and places that represent unsubstantial capitalist ideals.

Simply put: we need more soul in our workplaces and in the world. And that’s where a depth coach comes in.

As an executive and organizational leadership depth coach, I coach around bringing more soul into the workplace when:

  • Transitioning from individual contributor to leader
  • Building optimal teams
  • Developing & retaining talent
  • Enhancing performance & facilitating outplacement

My executive and organizational leadership depth coaching clients are motivated to, among others:

  • Develop a more soul-centered leadership style
  • Develop a shared language around psychology that can be used to deepen individual and team communication
  • Acknowledge and discuss the importance of finding meaning through work
  • Create more human workspaces
  • Promote kinship and friendship amongst employees
  • Create mission, vision and values that find place for soul and serve humanity
  • Promote service as part of work
  • Face climate change and develop a more substantial and sustaining approach to protecting our planet

What has brought you here?

Are you feeling stuck, anxious, out of balance, or dissatisfied?

Are you searching for ways to live and work with more depth and find meaning in the world?

Now is the time and you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to hear more about your journey.

Ben’s coaching transcends any single category in that he works with his clients so that they can achieve fully rounded psychic fulfillment, rather than simply addressing the disparate issues of executive functioning that are often raised as a way of avoiding what truly lies underneath. With quiet courage in unpacking the layers of blocks and limiting beliefs that hold us back, he creates a safe and non-judgmental space for contemplation and exploration. Ben works with those who truly seek to make long lasting change in their lives, who are willing to confront difficult and soul-shifting questions and to unpack the assumptions that have held them back. As a busy executive and single parent, it was all too easy for me to hang onto what seemed to be working, until my own lack of fulfillment got in the way. Using intuitive imagery we co-created metaphors that enabled transformation and forward action. Ben’s intuition and deep empathy and listening super-power set him apart from other coaches. Working with Ben fundamentally changed my life, as I achieved a level of self-honesty and courage that propelled me to greater personal achievement and fulfillment.

Eliz Gambino

Global Strategic HR Executive & Coach, NY

I consider myself a planner, someone who relies more on logic and the left side of the brain. As such, I find it challenging to tap into my creative side and use my intuition. Ben has the ability to ask the right questions to trigger creative thinking. He’s been able to give me the space and guidance I needed to … respectfully investigate what I’m feeling. With him, I was able to fully explore my fears and develop tools to help me understand, acknowledge and get through emotional blocks.
Jet Fandalian

Sr. IT Professional, NY

Given Ben’s experience in professional services, he has great insight.
Todd Weatherford

Accounting Advisory Professional, Instructor & Coach, NY